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Our philosophy

Ni Sisi! is a nationwide social movement, uniting Kenyans to forge a collective identity to drive transformation in leadership and maisha (livelihoods).

Ni Sisi! starts at the bottom, connecting individuals and a wide variety of grassroots organizations working for positive social change around a set of core values. These values are; Heshima (respect), Diversity – inclusiveness, and Self-Belief – Equality.

Between 2009 and 2010, Ni Sisi! spent 18 months travelling around Kenya understanding the state of the Nation from wananchi (citizens). Hundreds of meetings with Kenyans from all walks of life revealed that, every region and individual in Kenya carries with them a burden of injustice perpetrated on them either individually or collectively.
The travels also found compelling commonalities too: Women have borne the bulk of the burden, holding together communities after the widespread post-election violence in 2007/8. Kenyans expressed doubt that their Government in its capacity was capable of providing security to all citizens regardless of their ethnicity.

Kenyans’ perceptions of economic inequality have been ethnicized and politicized. Among the youth, who comprise the vast majority of the Nation’s population, a sense of alienation and a feeling of hopelessness consume many. Interestingly, the post-election violence was a moment of empowerment for them in realising that they bear the solutions.

There is a general national sense of foreboding and uncertainty about the future. Kenyans need to rise up together to take charge of their own destiny. It is only us who can collectively create the space into which new leadership, which embraces respect and inclusiveness for all, can emerge and flourish.

In that regard, the Ni Sisi! Social Movement aims to:

  1. Encourage young Kenyans to use what they have to uplift their own lives;
  2. Understand their rights as enshrined in the constitution therefore empowered to hold their leadership accountable to them;
  3. Enrich the lives of Kenyans by understanding and appreciating the diversity of cultures and background;
  4. Mentor potential young leaders into impactful transformative community leaders.

Through all this, Ni Sisi! will also be nurturing a unifying sense of Kenyan-ness across the country.


About Us

Ni Sisi! Is an ideology born of hundreds of honest conversations with hundreds of Kenyans across the country. Despite markedly different challenges to life from one town to another, a few things stand out. All Kenyans have some powerful things in common. Kenyans feel dis-empowered to engage their leaders in day to day civic matters. Kenyans do not trust the security apparatus. Kenyans feel left out of the economic fruits that the elite are always talking about.

Ni Sisi! starts at the bottom, connecting individuals and a wide variety of grassroots organizations working for positive social change around a set of core values.

Our core values

Ni Sisi! believes in the core values of Respect, Diversity and Self Belief.

Respect: Ni SiSi! encourages mutual respect for all regardless of social, cultural, political or economic status.
Diversity: Ni Sisi! believes that our diversity is what glues us together as a nation. Diversity recognises inclusivity and harmony among all Kenyans.
Self Belief: Ni Sisi’s rallying call is that Kenya’s problems have Kenyan- grown solutions that are implemented by Kenyans.

Ni Sisi! works towards building a critical mass of like-minded citizens striving for a better Kenya. Most of our work is done in the grassroots level. Ni Sisi! Fights for social justice of all Kenyans and in that space, we campaign against corruption in public offices and call to know how resources are being distributed and used to better the lives of all Kenyans. In this regard, Ni Sisi! seeks for accountability in the extractive sector, tax justice, devolution and extra judicial killings.

Women have been at the front in advocating for the end of rape, gender based violence, sexual violence, female genital mutilation, early marriage and beading. Ni Sisi! has joined this cause by supporting justice for all who face these acts.

Ni Sisi! Promotes good governance by urging Kenyans to know that their vote is the choice. Therefore, Ni Sisi! is part of the Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu – My Vote My Choice movement.

As part of the Civil Society Ni Sisi! supports the implementation of Public Benefits Organization (PBO Act) which facilitates establishment, operations, self-regulation, by voluntary non-state citizens’ initiatives.

Ni Sisi! seeks to highlight the positive outcomes done by Kenyans in their communities.

Ni Sisi! It is us!


Youth and Women Advocacy

Inuka seeks towards ending Gender Based Violence, Sexual Gender Based Violence, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Early Marriage, Beading and Female Genital Mutilation.

We work with individuals and organizations to create awareness to end the acts. We also, advocate for Tax Justice and equality for women as well as women involvement in the extractives sector.

Inuka Kenya is committed to the fight against Female Genital Mutilation. We continue to advocate for the end of FGM through our various social media platforms. We have partnered with young activists from different counties who are at the forefront of ending FGM in their communities and across the board. Two significant activities we have taken part in are:
Inuka attended the first ever open discussion by Samburu Westgate women leaders. It was a first for the women to speak openly about their FGM experiences and its side effects.
We attended a road show in West Pokot whose aim was to create awareness on ending FGM. We continue with daily online engagement on different spaces to demand for the end of FGM. Inuka supports the introduction of end FGM in the school curriculum.



Uongozi was a TV reality show seeking to give a platform to a new crop of young and visionary leaders in Kenya. Uongozi meaning leadership was the name chosen for the campaign because it needed to attract the audience targeted for the messaging in all the 16 episodes. In this case the audience was Kenyan voters. The campaign showed Kenyans that leaders can be chosen from any realm so long as they portray the potential to lead and serve.

The main intention of the campaign was to forestall a repeat of 2007 election related violence in 2013. Therefore, it was critical to contest that public space and infuse it with alternate messaging to create a prevailing national “mood” — intolerant to the divisive ethnic dogma and instead support a healthy democratic discourse on leadership.

The show sought to:

  • Drive Kenyans to consider the essential qualities and values of democratic leadership;
  • Inspire Kenyans to find the right leaders by sensitizing the public on the qualities of a good leader;
  • Engage in the democratic process;
  • Encourage meaningful debate on the process of elective decisions;
  • Underline the rights and obligations of voters and
  • Demystify the new electoral process under Kenya’s 2010 Constitution.

Discussions were geared towards making Kenyans realize the Ni Sisi! belief that, It is Us! and up to us, the Kenyan people, to address the nation’s problems. To communicate to other citizens that elections provide wananchi (citizen) the opportunity to do so by carefully considering candidates, vying for office, and voting for competent leaders who campaign on issues that truly have a positive impact on the lives of Kenyans.

In the final episode of Uongozi show Adan Mohamed from Mandera County was crowned the winner. The prize package included the winner travelling to six destination countries, 1.2 million Kenyan Shillings and additionally, a three million Shilling project of their choice in their community.

Adan travelled to Tanzania, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, London, Switzerland and United States of America. The visits included meeting leaders of different sectors to learn about leadership, technology and culture.

Adan chose to dig a borehole in his home town of Elwak, Mandera County. Inuka Kenya did research on organizations that work in Mandera County that have experience in borehole drilling and found Northern Aid. The borehole has been drilled by Ni Sisi! in partnership with Northern Aid and the County Government of Mandera and is anticipated to be commissioned in 2015.


View Uongozi videos here

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