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Sauti Yetu

Sauti Yetu Debates a platform for grassroots political dialogue between political aspirants, elected officials, and community members.

Sauti Yetu seeks to encourage communities to exercise their democratic rights and engage elected leaders based on development issues relevant to them. Sauti Yetu creates a non-partisan space for elected leaders to engage directly with their communities to learn about local issues and create healthy relationships between communities and government. Currently Sauti Yetu debates have been held in 40 wards spread in Nakuru, Nairobi and Garissa counties.

Sauti Yetu in Nakuru Sauti Yetu participant Sauti Yetu participant Focused Group Meeting in Nakuru Sauti Yetu participant sauti Yetu Forum in Garissa Sauti Yetu participant


Prior to the March 2013 General Elections, Sauti Yetu engaged political aspirants in twenty-four debates to discuss policy issues in non-partisan forums. Since the 2013 elections, Sauti Yetu has focused on creating healthy dialogue between community members and their elected officials through a series of over 40 community civic education forums, 40 joint forums with community members and County Assembly Representatives (MCAs), and 3 focus groups with elected MCAs.

Sauti Yetu’s programming operates in;

Nairobi County: Baba Dogo, Korogocho, Lucky Summer, Kariobangi North, Mathare North, Utalii Ward, Hospital Ward, Mabatini, Mlango Kubwa, Kiamaiko, Ngei and Huruma. Sauti Yetu shall expand to include debates in Kibra and Dagoretti constituencies.

Garissa County: Iftin, Waberi, Galbet and Garissa Township.

Nakuru County: Biashara, Flamingo, Kivumbini, Nakuru East, Rhonda, London, Barut, Kaptembwo, Kapkures, Shaabab.

Having successfully implemented both pre-election policy debates and post-election joint accountability forums between communities and elected representatives, Sauti Yetu has published two toolkits to enable community groups and organizations use the Sauti Yetu Model to mobilise, organise and host policy-oriented debates in their communities.

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Maskani Ya Taifa

Maskani Ya Taifa is an issue-based, agenda-setting platform for civil society organizations and Kenyan citizens. The goal of Maskani Ya Taifa is to have; ‘A transformed Kenya through informed citizenry’. The overall intent is to see positive and visible transformation in the Kenyan public.

Maskani Ya Taifa objectives are to;

  • To consolidate MYT as an issue-based platform for citizen participation in their own governance;
  • To catalyze civic dialogue between citizens and their leaders;
  • To disseminate information on CSO activities and impact, with a view to bridge the gap between CSO and citizens;

Through the Maskani Ya Taifa online and offline platforms, the aim is to have transformed and more informed citizenry, responsible citizens who will shape the country positively and participate more in their governance and the demand for accountability. The dream is to increase the number of citizens who understand and respect rule of law, human rights and demand social justice.

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