Ni Sisi!

Ni Sisi!

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Tax Justice Initiative

The overall goal of the Tax Justice project is to have a more progressive, transparent and accountable tax and expenditure system. This project seeks to empower and build awareness of citizens, particularly women and youth, to effectively influence progressive policy changes related to government revenue raising, budgeting and spending.

Female Genital Mutilation - FGM

Inuka seeks to end Gender Based Violence, Sexual Gender Based Violence, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Early Marriage, Beading and Female Genital Mutilation. We work with individuals and organizations to create awareness so as to end the practices.

Red Card Campaign

As part of the National Integrity Alliance (NIA), in partnership, Inuka Kenya runs the Red Card Campaign. The campaign seeks to bar citizens that fall short the ethical standard of integrity from assuming elective or appointive office.

Devolution Forum

This campaign is intended to create awareness on devolution in Kenya being a new governance system that the country is getting accustomed to. The forum also monitors the progress of devolution in Kenya.

Public Benefits Act

The Public Benefit Organizations (PBO) Act is the law passed by the 10th Parliament in January 2013. The Act facilitates establishment, operations, self-regulation by voluntary non-state citizens’ initiatives previously NGOs. PBO Act creates framework within which organizations administer their affairs in provision of services to public. The Act aims at facilitating principled/constructive partnership with Government in addressing socio-economic challenges.

Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu

My Vote, My Voice is a coalition of like-minded civil society organizations and individuals that have come together to ensure that every vote counts by promoting accountability and integrity during the 2017 general elections and the electoral process thereafter.


Haki Madini Kenya

Haki Madini Kenya (HMK) is a community centered coalition that brings together communities in and around mining areas, civil society organizations, faith based organizations and individuals engaging in the extractive industry with the primary aim of promoting responsible stewardship of extractive resources.

Haki Madini Kenya's vision is to see a country where extractive resources are exploited in a sustainable way for the benefit of all. Their mission is to effectively promote community participation, multi-stakeholder engagement and responsible stewardship in the extractive sector in Kenya.

Ni Sisi! social movement encourages Kenyans to own their own problems and come up with their own solutions. When a community participates in the mining process in their area, they will know the pros and cons and own the solution to the cons. This enable the community to own their problems and seek for solution related to mining.

Core Values

  • HMK engagement will be premised on the following core values;
  • Solidarity with mining communities
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Non-discrimination
  • Mutual respect
  • Collective responsibility


  • The objectives of the coalition as highlighted within the strategic plan are;
  • To influence policy, legal and institutional framework development and implementation to ensure that community interests are secured
  • To create a critical mass of informed and organized local communities (women, men, youth) engaging meaningfully in and benefitting from the extractive sector
  • To demand corporate accountability and responsibility by the investing company in the extractive sector
  • To engender the extractive sector in Kenya through women socio-economic empowerment and safeguarding of women’s rights
  • To create a credible, strong and knowledge-driven network capable of responding to emerging issues in the extractive sector.

Glory Value School

Formerly Butere High School, Glory Value School is situated in western Kenya. Here, there are no school prefects or rules to govern the students. Running of daily school affairs is done purely on a values-based system, making it very different from other schools. The current Director and proprietor Mrs. Priscilla Were took over the school in 2011, a time when the performance averaged at a mean grade of 2.1.
In 2014, Glory Value School hit the 7.4 mark and attribute this success to the value system. The school is doing something different, something unique and new in Kenya and are excelling at it. They believe they will continue to excel because of these values.

The goal of Glory Value School is to share knowledge, understanding, intelligence, and their thoughts. They want Kenya to become a great nation with a set of values that govern our systems and direct our actions. Glory Value School also wants to save Kenyan society from the rot and negativity through the young ones that go through this school.

Inuka Kenya is in partnership with Glory Value School because our core values are in line with the values of Glory Value School. The organization believes in Heshima, Diversity and Self-belief and the value system in Glory Value School supports this belief.


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