Terms of Reference for Procurement of Land for a Sanctuary (Readvertisement)

  • Written by  Ni Sisi!

1. Background

Inuka (Rise up) is an initiative established in 2009 to address the crisis Kenya faces in light of the effects of the violence that followed the 2007 general election (PEV) as well as the social, demographic, environmental and governance transitions currently underway in the country. The initiative was established as Inuka Kenya Trust in 2009 and later changed status as a company limited by guarantee with no share capital, incorporated on 19 June, 2012.

The heart of Inuka's work is the Ni Sisi! Social movement ("Ni Sisi), a membership-based, grassroots movement undertaking to unite Kenyans to forge a collective identity to drive transformation in leadership and improve maisha (employment, security, health, education, clean water) for all Kenyans. Ni Sisi's activities are divided between a Nationwide campaign that promotes the core values of Heshima (respect and dignity for all), Diversity (equality and ethnic inclusiveness) and Ni Sisi (It is us!-self-belief) and direct mobilization and organizing of community-based Ni Sisi! Chapters.

Its activities are focused on the following key pillars;

  • Transformational social and civic engagement - This encompasses taking charge of the public space currently dominated by the political class and transforming it into lasting change created by and for Kenyans.
  • Creation of a collective identity, through shared experiences, hardships, and diversity (ethnicity) as the glue that binds, builds a critical mass of like-minded people/groups working towards a better Kenya.
  • Leadership Development through access to information, freedom of expression and taking initiative for socio-economic welfare.
  • Improved Livelihoods to achieve socio-economic growth and equality of opportunity for all Kenyans especially among the youth.

2. Scope of the work

Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi Ltd is seeking to contract a credible and professional real estate agent to provide professional advice on procuring and recommending a land that could be utilized for a retreat centre/recreational facility with the following criteria:

A. Location

  • Within Kenya’s boundaries.
  • About 200kms radius from Nairobi CBD.
  • Accessibility (roads and traffic).
  • Access to public transport.
  • Secure area and environs.
  • Temperate climate.
  • Closeness to a park or forest desirable.

B. Area/size

  • Net Area of about 10 - 20 acres.
  • Suitable shape.
  • Clearly outlined boundaries/beacons.

C. Condition

  • Single parcel adjudicated as such
  • Ready for purchase - legitimate freehold title deed (without restrictions, succession cases, and or other encumbrances).
  • Wooded area - trees (natural or introduced).
  • Diverse natural phenomena (a stream, a hillock, a grassy knoll, a thicket, a surface rock boulder etc) desirable.
  • No amenity tunnels or pillons or roads /road reserves traversing any part of the land.
  • Low gradient.
  • Well-drained soil (not prone to flooding).

D. Amenities and Operations

  • Availability of community facilities - churches, mosques, schools, markets, hospitals etc nearby.
  • Availability of nearby food and beverage outlets.
  • Availability of security infrastructure nearby.

E. Infrastructure and Utilities

  • Designated and paved/motorable access road.
  • Water and electricity within the area.
  • Telecommunications/Internet fiber optics cables hooked up within the area.

3. Expected Outputs

  • Inception report - stating methodology and timelines.
  • Final report consisted in part of a comparative analysis of at least 10 sites that meet the criteria in 2 above.
  • Estimated valuation per acre of the land for each identified site.

4. Budget and logistics

The agent shall submit the proposed budget with broken down costs for the assignment including a justification.

5. Submission of Proposal/Expression of Interest

Based on the above, Inuka is inviting interested agents to submit expressions of interest.

Individuals or firms applying shall detail the following:

  • Demonstrated experience in the real estate properties e.g. providing examples of similar procurement/purchases conducted before.
  • Financial Proposal clearly demonstrating the costs of the consultancy.
  • Detailed implementation plan and time frames.
  • Strong knowledge of property valuations.
  • Good reputation in the real estate sector.
  • Strong regional knowledge of the property market.
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills.
  • Knowledge of the not for profit sector.

The assignment will commence on March 15, 2022 and be completed and a final report submitted by April 15, 2022. The proposal shall be sent, in soft to the following emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before February 28, 2022 COB.

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