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Reviewing Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi!’s Human Resource Manual
September 27, 2023
Consultancy for Reviewing Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi!’s Human Resource Manual

About Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi:

Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! is a Kenyan grassroots social movement organization founded in 2009 and registered/incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2012. It envisions a peaceful, united and well-governed Kenya with equal economic and social opportunity for all citizens. The organization exists to empower Kenyan citizens to improve their lives and demand good governance as a means to achieve socio-economic growth and equality of opportunity among all Kenyans. It aims to curate a social movement (the Ni Sisi! Movement) that will seek to unite Kenyans to forge a collective identity, drive transformation in leadership and improve maisha — wellbeing — for all Kenyans. To this end, Inuka supports community groups/organizations and collaborates with initiatives at the local, national and regional level to build capacity and linkages for effective collective action. Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi!’s philosophy is underpinned by the concept of “dignity before development” — each individual’s inherent dignity must be upheld at all levels of interaction.

Inuka Kenya has developed three strategic objectives which, together, will form the basis upon which citizens at the local level will found their efforts to take charge of their citizenship and governance processes. As such, the three objectives are the key pillars that will support the creation of a Ni Sisi! social movement. These three objectives are:

  1. Restructure the Public Sphere: To create and curate narratives that seek to restructure the Kenyan public sphere using knowledge platforms, technology products and engaging civic actors and institutions within a framework of Utu.
  2. Enhance Individual Agency, Dignity and Livelihoods: To harness a collective positive and resilient identity in order to build, protect, restore and ensure human dignity for all.
  3. Transition to a National Social Movement: To transition from a Civil Society Organization, through partnerships, collaboration and membership development, to a national social movement of active citizens who hold governments to account.


The main Objectives of the consultancy are to:

  • Review the current Inuka Human Resource Manual, taking into account international best practices and the principles of ethics, merit, equality, fairness, transparency, diversity, inclusivity and responsiveness
  • Develop revised Manual in line with Inuka’s  Strategic Plan with revised outputs in consultation with Inuka management, in compliance with Inuka policies.
  • Determine policy and procedural recommendations of improvement of HRM systems, namely selection/recruitment, compensation, promotion, transfer/posting, performance evaluation, leave and termination of employment.
  • Review and develop relevant HR policies, as well as include user- friendly HR related forms, templates and procedures, to meet the HRM needs of Inuka. 


The operational scope of this consultancy service will include:

  1. Evaluating the existing Inuka Human Resource manual. The assessment would be performed through a desk review of existing legal and procedural frameworks, consultations/interviews of relevant staff and management, and general observation of work practice.
  2. Review the current staff welfare, remuneration, and benefits structure against similar organizations and best practices
  3. Review HR policies and make recommendations for realistic changes to be improved.
  4. Highlight strengths and areas of improvement for consideration by Inuka Management
  5.  Provide to the management revised HR manual

The consultant will develop the methodology in collaboration with the Inuka team and prepare the Inception Report to be presented to Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Ltd.

The process will be led by an independent consultancy firm or individual consultant(s) skilled in the field of Human Resources. The consultant will be guided by the Inuka management team. 


The consultant(s) will carry out a desktop evaluative review of Inuka’s current Manual, their effectiveness and efficiency in terms of organizational performance, and the current trends in the NGO sector. Where relevant, the consultant may interview partner organizations.

The evaluation assessment report will be outlined under the following themes:

  1. Relevance: The extent to which Inuka has responded and can respond to the needs and priorities of the staff and stakeholders.
  2. Effectiveness: The extent to which the current manual facilitates Inuka to achieve its timelines for requests.
  3. Efficiency: The extent to which Inuka has exploited available opportunities to optimize its objectives.
  4. Sustainability: The extent to which the guidelines in the manuals can be used in the future.

The second process will involve the Consultant(s) engaging Inuka management to collect relevant

information in regards to updating the manual.

The third step will include sharing the draft Manuals including the new changes. 

The last step will include the presentation of the final documents to  Inuka’s management team.

Deliverables / Expected Outputs

The shortlisted consultant(s) is therefore expected to provide the following deliverables: 

  1. Summary of interpretation of the TOR and work plan. 
  2. An internal review exercise report written in English
  3. Draft Human Resource Manual and policies for review and inputs by Inuka management, staff and board of directors.
  4. The final copies Revised Procurement Manual and relevant policies

Work Plan and Time Schedule

The Consultant must conclude the entire exercise by November 20, 2023. Bids for the Consultancy must include clearly articulated and detailed technical proposal interpreting the TORs, and activities schedule/work plans with clear outputs within specified milestones.

Consultants’ Profile

Inuka seeks to engage the services of qualified and experienced individual consultants/consultancy firms to undertake the exercise.

Qualifications & Experience

 The consultants/consultant firms must have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Institutional operational experience of consultancy services of at least five (5) years;
  • Previous proven work experience in similar assignments with NGOs will be given preference.
  •  Experience in working in Kenya and thorough knowledge of Civil Society sector in Kenya
  • Consultancy team with the required credentials, knowledge, and skills for the required assignment
  • Understanding of local labor laws, safeguarding requirements (organizational code of conduct), procurement rules, and internationally accepted best practices and standards
  • Strong analytical skills, including legal analysis.

Budget & Logistics

The consultant shall submit the proposed budget with broken down costs for particular items, for the assignment, including breakdown and justification. 

Submission of Proposals/EOI

Based on the above, Inuka is inviting interested parties to submit expressions of interest.  Individuals or firms applying shall detail the following:

  • Consultants’ profile and Capability Statement describing the technical capacity and experience of the firm or group of individuals
  • Previous relevant experience – listing previous work relating to HR and development of HR manuals and policies.
  • Names and resumes of individual(s) or team members proposed and their roles in the achievement of the assignment and their contact details. The staff should be members of the relevant professional body. 
  • Testimonials and sample manuals of similar assignments taken in the recent past
  • Current contact details of three referees. Preferably, referees who can attest to previous manuals
  • Technical Proposal interpretation of the Terms of Reference (TORs)
  • Financial Proposal clearly demonstrating the costs of the consultancy. 
  • Detailed implementation plan and time frames.

The assignment will commence on October 20, 2023 and be completed and a final report submitted by November  20, 2023.

The proposal shall be sent, in soft to the following emails: procurement@inukakenya.com and copy info@inukakenya.com  

Deadline for submission is   October 16, 2023

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted