Creating spaces, places and processes to ensure the wellness of civic catalysts

Tulia is Kiswahili for “relax”, “calm down” or “be still”. The Tulia programme was inspired by the conviction that Kenya needs a sanctuary for those citizens amongst us who have dedicated their lives to sacrificially pursuing the public interest, often at great cost to themselves and their families.

In the past, civic catalysts have come under all manner of attacks, putting their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health at risk to the point of endangering their very lives. Some have endured detention, imprisonment and even been forced into exile. Others have found themselves ostracised by society, maligned, discredited, bankrupted and/or forced to undergo punitive legal suits, all with the aim of punishing them and thus deterring them (and others) from doing this work. This exerts a debilitating toll, not only on the individuals themselves but also on those closest to them, notably their immediate families.

Tulia offers a physical sanctuary for the care of those who have given so much to this nation, by providing resources, facilitative opportunities and safe spaces where their bodies, souls and spirits can be shielded from harm, healed, affirmed, rejuvenated, and restored.