Glory Value School

Formerly Butere High School, Glory Value School is situated in western Kenya. Here, there are no school prefects or rules to govern the students. Running of daily school affairs is done purely on a values-based system, making it very different from other schools. The current Director and proprietor Mrs. Priscilla Were took over the school in 2011, a time when the performance averaged at a mean grade of 2.1.
In 2014, Glory Value School hit the 7.4 mark and attribute this success to the value system. The school is doing something different, something unique and new in Kenya and are excelling at it. They believe they will continue to excel because of these values.

The goal of Glory Value School is to share knowledge, understanding, intelligence, and their thoughts. They want Kenya to become a great nation with a set of values that govern our systems and direct our actions. Glory Value School also wants to save Kenyan society from the rot and negativity through the young ones that go through this school.

Inuka Kenya is in partnership with Glory Value School because our core values are in line with the values of Glory Value School. The organization believes in Heshima, Diversity and Self-belief and the value system in Glory Value School supports this belief.


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