Haki Madini Kenya

Haki Madini Kenya (HMK) is a community centered coalition that brings together communities in and around mining areas, civil society organizations, faith based organizations and individuals engaging in the extractive industry with the primary aim of promoting responsible stewardship of extractive resources.

Haki Madini Kenya's vision is to see a country where extractive resources are exploited in a sustainable way for the benefit of all. Their mission is to effectively promote community participation, multi-stakeholder engagement and responsible stewardship in the extractive sector in Kenya.

Ni Sisi! social movement encourages Kenyans to own their own problems and come up with their own solutions. When a community participates in the mining process in their area, they will know the pros and cons and own the solution to the cons. This enable the community to own their problems and seek for solution related to mining.

Core Values

  • HMK engagement will be premised on the following core values;
  • Solidarity with mining communities
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability
  • Non-discrimination
  • Mutual respect
  • Collective responsibility


  • The objectives of the coalition as highlighted within the strategic plan are;
  • To influence policy, legal and institutional framework development and implementation to ensure that community interests are secured
  • To create a critical mass of informed and organized local communities (women, men, youth) engaging meaningfully in and benefitting from the extractive sector
  • To demand corporate accountability and responsibility by the investing company in the extractive sector
  • To engender the extractive sector in Kenya through women socio-economic empowerment and safeguarding of women’s rights
  • To create a credible, strong and knowledge-driven network capable of responding to emerging issues in the extractive sector.