Kenya Values Trust

Kenya Values Trust carries out certain initiatives and activities among Kenyans, with specific emphasis on children and youth with the goal of ingraining the values of love, integrity, honesty, peace, unity, reconciliation, liberty, responsibility, justice, tolerance, respect and sharing, in order to foster cohesion, unity, patriotism and nationalism.

The value system recognizes; that values are practices, culture and traits that define a people- principles, standards, or qualities considered worthwhile or desirable among a people.

That good values build character, which produces behaviour that is beneficial for the individual, others and the community.

They enhance the wellbeing of all; prevent harm to both the individual and society; are the essence of healthy relationships and are essential for the conduct and preservation of a democratic society.

That values are important and enduring beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or desirable and what is not.

That values exert major influence on the behavior of an individual and serve as broad guidelines in all situations.

That our values help us articulate who we are, what we stand for as well as how we would like the world to view us.

That the trust will address the existing gap in education values.

That our National values find their footing and anchor in the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and are garrisoned by a multiplicity of statutes and act of Parliament.

That national values help foster a peaceful, united, harmonious and integrated Kenya society.

Our sublime responsibility to nurture our children and youth into responsible adults imbued with the right knowledge, attitude and aptitude about values.