For three generations, aspirations of a peace loving, enterprising hard working people have been thwarted by a rapacious, myopic national elite that does not care about tomorrow. For two decades we fought for a new constitutional order believing that it would deepen democracy and integrity in public life, but the first thing the political class did was to trample on the integrity provisions (Chapter 6) of the constitution. The country is more ethnically polarized than ever, corruption has spun of control, security has collapsed and we are borrowing and spending like drunken sailors.

We are at a turning point, but will we turn?

We are at a potential turning point.  We can change our political culture and propel Kenyan into a peaceful prosperous future.  But we have reached turning points before, and refused to turn. Back in 1992, opposition and civil society coalition united to restore multiparty. Myopic opposition leaders succumbed to greed for power, corruption and tribalism - and snatched defeat from jaws of victory.

In 2007, the Opposition united to remove KANU from power, but quickly succumbed to tribalism and corruption that propelled the country to the 2007 post election violence.
We can choose to change, or choose to continue to wallow in tribalism, corruption and mediocrity– Haiti has been at it for 200 years, and so can we.

The Kesho Initiative realises that we are going nowhere unless we have HONEST leaders who think about tomorrow.  

Our mission

  • To mobilize progressive Kenyans into a movement to change our political culture
  • To promote an alternative vision of a DECENT society, one which values and respects everyone and rewards honest hard work
  • To educate and challenge Kenyans to abandon tribalism and corruption (“our turn to eat culture”)

How we are doing this

The Online Platform -
The Elephant is a platform for engaging citizens to reflect, re-member and re-envision their society by interrogating the past, the present, to fashion a future. Through this online platform, the initiative hopes to mobilize progressive business, intellectual and civil society leaders into an alternative national leadership movement via a platform that reimagines Kenya in the dynamic African and global context.

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