Maskani Radio

Maskani Radio Drama was a radio series capturing the everyday life of a Kenyan “Hustler” bringing out pertinent issues that affect the ordinary Kenyan. It revolved around a bus terminus at a shopping center somewhere in Kenya. It had a few shops and many idle young people who are involved in some income generating activities sometimes, or none, most of the time. The Ward Rep was a strong influencer in this setting and was well known locally. Citizens visited the Kinyozi often to hold serious discussions or make tough decisions.

The shows aired every Wednesday 7pm and the talk show every Sunday 7pm on Radio Rahma – Coast,Ghetto Radio – Nairobi,Hero FM – Nakuru,Radio Lake Victoria, Mbaitu FM,Star FM


Episode 1: Petitioning & Rule of Law

Episode 2: Talkshow on Devolution

Episode 3

Episode 4: Hatred on Social Media