Our approach

Our Approach

Creating spaces for dialogue and feedback from community groups, structures and networks. This offers direct face-to- face interactions with community members and individuals allowing deeper understanding of issues at the local level. The Sauti Yetu Model expanded to include 13 additional Wards – 9 In Nakuru County and 4 in Garissa County.

The following activities were achieved in 2016

  1. Thirty one (31) Joint Community Forums (JCF) with 2,667 participants, which represents a growth in attendance of 1,455 participants from 1212 community members reached between January and December 2015
  2. Twelve (12) civic education forums with a total of 946 participants;
  3. Two (2) Toolkit Trainings with 20 community groups 

Digital Engagement
We have over time developed various digital platforms reaching a cross-section of Kenyans on varying issues. Specific online engagement revolves around the following themes; i) ethnicity ii) Land/inequality, iii) Leadership accountability iv) Corruption, v) Impunity, vi) Devolution, vii) Justice and promoting nationhood viii) Security.

Engagement is cultivated through online campaigns and innovating to increase reach and engagement.

The table below demonstrates the reach through key institutional platforms. The platforms as represented do not include specific individual accounts within the organization which also support with digital engagement, amplification of CSO work, the creation and further engagement on advocacy issues as well as building the Ni SiSi Social movement. 

Platform Jan 2016 Apr 2017 Performance
The Elephant on Facebook 0 6,338 6,338
The Elephant on Twitter 0 163 163
Sauti Yetu on Facebook 4,692 8,646 3,954
Sauti Yetu on Twitter 1,574 2,061 487
Ni Sisi on Facebook 9,089 13,145 4,056
Ni Sisi on Twitter 5,020 8,112 3,092
Maskani Ya Taifa on Facebook 2,636 3,929 1,293
Maskani Ya Taifa on Twitter 12,300 25,545 13,245
Uongozi on Facebook 30,457 31,243 786
Uongozi on Twitter 8,846 12,876 4,030
Total 74,614 112,058


Data as of 5th April 2017

Offline hubs
To enhance continued engagement with citizens The Maskani Ya Taifa Model adopted an offline interactive sessions with communities by establishing Maskani Hubs. The Hubs provide an opportunity for further interrogation of county- specific issues through contextualized debates and conversations. The debates and conversations are concurrently amplified on across various digital platforms and often times within the year have been on the trending list of issues in the country.

There was continued consolidation of the hubs in 2016 and support provided for citizens to take action on issues affecting them at the local level. Currently, Ni Sisi! has active Maskani hubs in; i) Nakuru ii) Garissa iii) Eldoret iv) Kisumu v) Kakamega vi) Kitui vii) Mombasa viii) Turkana ix) Nairobi. We anticipate establishing hubs in Wajir, Kilifi and Kwale in the 2017 period.

Mainstream Media
Through partnership with media houses utilizing radio, TV and Print media as tools for advocacy. Discussions focus on key matters including insecurity, devolution, leadership integrity, and ethnic discrimination among other topics. In the 2016 period through Ni SiSi Ambassadors there were more than 60 articles published in the local dailies on matters salient to the Ni SiSi movement building. 

Networking, Building Alliances
We are also a member of issues-based networks and alliances that focus on themes inline with the Ni SiSi movement building.