Our pillars

Our pillars

The Four pillars guiding Ni Sisi! Programmes are:

Transformational Social and Civic Engagement (Usawa)
The objective is to create platforms that give citizens a voice and drive progressive conversations on their responsibilities and interests in their government.

Leadership (Uongozi)
The objective of this pillar is to grow and recognize opportunities, skills and competencies among citizens that guide communities to take initiative in their own socio-economic welfare.

Dignity and Welfare (Maisha)
The aim is to catalyze a socio-economically secure environment that allows and nurtures the pursuit of dreams and aspirations of all citizens.

Collective Kenyan Identity (Sauti)
Ni Sisi! aims to galvanise citizens shared experiences, hardships and diversity as the glue that binds Kenyans. Ni Sisi! (It is us!) who will transform Kenya into a country which we can all be proud of and that Kenyan problems must be met with Kenyan solutions. Ni Sisi! upholds the philosophy that dignity before development.