Empower Kenyans

Our work enhances access to information, freedom of expression and taking initiative for their socio-economic welfare.

Build Diversity

Ni Sisi! believes that our diversity is what glues us together as a nation. Diversity recognises inclusivity and harmony among all Kenyans.

Ni Sisi!

Ni Sisi’s rallying call is that Kenyan problems require Kenyan solutions and together we Kenyans must rise up to take charge of our destiny (Ni Sisi!).

Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! is a Kenyan grassroots social movement organization founded in 2009. Our organisation facilitates the consolidation of a Kenyan identity that affirms the individual as an African and global citizen and empowers Kenyans to use information, express their views and importantly, take initiative aimed at improving their lives and holding governments accountable.

Ni Sisi! is an ideology born of hundreds of honest conversations with hundreds of Kenyans across the country. Despite markedly different challenges to life from one town to another, a few things stand out. All Kenyans have some powerful things in common. Kenyans feel dis-empowered to engage their leaders in day to day civic matters. Kenyans do not trust the security apparatus. Kenyans feel left out of the economic fruits that the elite are always talking about. Ni Sisi! starts at the bottom, connecting individuals and a wide variety of grassroots organizations working for positive social change around a set of core values.

Our Programs

Sauti Yetu

Sauti Yetu

Increasing civic engagement in political and policy decision making processes at the local level

Maskani Ya Taifa

Maskani ya Taifa

Disrupting and replacing narratives that are detrimental to political participation and civic engagement



Creating knowledge platforms and processes that re-envision society

Ni Sisi Chapters

Ni Sisi Chapters

Organizing citizen actors and groups for civic action and engagement


Wellness Hub

Creating spaces, places and processes to ensure the wellness of civic catalysts

Our Partners

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Open Society Institute of East Africa