Creating knowledge platforms and processes that re-envision society

Kesho is an initiative that mobilises progressive Kenyans into a movement to change the political culture and promote an alternative vision of a decent society one which values and respects everyone and rewards honest hard work while educating and challenging Kenyans to restructure their public sphere. This initiative realizes that unless we have a progressive civic sphere, we are going nowhere. Kesho combines online platforms (currently The Elephant and Uongozi Lab) with targeted community outreach. This approach engages citizens to reflect, re-member and re-envision their society by interrogating the past, and the present, to fashion a future.

Knowledge Creation and Outreach

We have realised that Kenya’s democratic ideals and values are undermined because of specific and compelling narratives. In order to promote an alternative vision of a decent society, one which values and respects debate, knowledge and the pillars of democracy, we conduct research, educate and debate so as to expose and challenge narratives.

Kesho’s mandate is establishing, expanding and strengthening knowledge creation through content produced and published in The Elephant spaces. For the purpose of the perpetuation of written histories, pathways and imagination, Kesho digitises and catalogues books, reports and documents. This knowledge is disseminated on our various platforms; TV, radio and partnerships with other organisations.

The programme has also developed a mentorship programme that links senior civic leaders to upcoming younger civic leaders in all spheres of society. We mentor Ni Sisi! fellows including budding writers, activists and commentators on socio-political issues and Ni Sisi! curriculum and leadership development models.

We also carry out outreach in civic spaces by hosting The Elephant debates, talks, lectures, town halls and performances at various learning institutions and their civic spaces.