Our Work

Providing a tightrope that leads to activating citizens to take charge of their citizenship and governance processes.

Our work facilitates the consolidation of a Kenyan identity, which affirms the individual as an African and global citizen and empowers Kenyans to use information, express their views and – importantly – take initiatives aimed at improving their lives and holding governments accountable. In the process, Kenyans will understand that their shared experiences and hardships should bind them rather than divide them. We achieve this through a variety of interlinked approaches outlined in our strategy.

Programme strategies

Restructuring the Public Sphere

To create and curate narratives that seek to restructure the Kenyan public sphere using knowledge platforms, technology products and engaging civic actors and institutions within a framework of Utu.

Enhance Individual Agency, Dignity and Livelihoods

To harness a collective positive and resilient identity in order to build, protect, restore and ensure human dignity for all

Transition to a National Social Movement

To transition from a civil society organisation, through partnerships, collaboration and membership development, to a national social movement of active citizens who hold governments to account.

Where we work

Through its activities over the years, Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! has forged and created a programmatic presence in various counties. In considering target counties for this strategy, we identified 24 counties as potential areas of conflict, disenfranchisement, exclusion and exploitation by the state, leaders and local or international corporations.

The indices specifically focused on marginalisation and exclusion, political violence, extractive economy and ethnicity. In the post-2022 elections period, the questions of rapid urbanisation, a growing youth bulge, economic distress, over-taxation, exploitation of natural resources, poverty and challenges of livelihood have changed the terrain.

We are now working in 15 counties that represent the varied geographies of Kenya to be the target counties. These include Garissa, Kakamega, Kericho, Kiambu, Kisumu, Kitui, Kwale, Marsabit, Migori, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Tana River, Uasin Gishu and West Pokot. 

Inuka Kenya

Past Projects


Uongozi (2013)

Building a platform for a new crop of young and visionary leaders in Kenya