Ni Sisi Chapters

Organizing citizen actors and groups for civic action and engagement

Ni Sisi! Chapters comprise of people from different backgrounds; ethnicities, socio-economic divides, disabilities, gender and religious affiliations coming together to form an umbrella network for civic action and engagement in a County. Membership is based on the sharing of common values by like-minded individuals and organisations already taking action to create change in Kenya. Chapters determine contextually relevant mechanisms for unity and create a forum for citizen voices to be heard.

Each chapter is based on the philosophy of people taking ownership of their governance affairs. It is based at the county level as it is a nexus of governance and resource allocation. Each acts as both an incubator of and resource for individuals, grassroots movements and other community groups, as well as the more formal community-based groups and non-governmental organisations. Each chapter shall become self-sustaining with leadership and programme.