About Us

The goal of the organisation is to create and build ‘Ni Sisi!’, a social movement that seeks to unite Kenyans to forge a collective identity, drive transformation in citizens and leaders, and, improve maisha for all.

Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! is a Kenyan grassroots social movement organisation founded in 2009. Initially registered as Inuka Kenya Trust, Inuka later incorporated itself as a Company Limited by Guarantee – Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Limited – on 19th June 2012. Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Ltd seeks to address the challenges Kenya faces in light of the effects of the Post Elections Violence that ensued after the 2007 Kenyan General Elections, as well as the social, demographic, environmental and governance transitions underway in the country. At the heart of the organisation’s work, is the creation and building of ‘Ni Sisi!’, a social movement that seeks to unite Kenyans to forge a collective identity, drive transformation in citizens and leaders and improve maisha for all Kenyans.

As a company limited by guarantee, Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Ltd does not have a share capital, shareholders, no profits or dividends at any time. The registration ensures that the institution has legitimacy and flexibility in its operations while remaining accountable within the national legal framework. The institutional files its tax returns and has complied with all aspects congruent to this legal standard.

Our Vision

A peaceful, united and well-governed Kenya where dignity for all is guaranteed.

Our Mission

To empower citizens to have civic competence and the agency for collective action to enhance social justice.

Our Theory of Change

GIVEN the failure of the democracy project, the rising inequality, citizens’ lethargy, unresponsive and unaccountable governments, poor leadership, where citizens live without dignity,

IF Inuka creates narratives that restructure the public sphere and is able to create a resilient, collective identity and empower citizens to build a national civic movement for collective action on governance,

THEN citizens’ civic competence and agency will be enhanced, leadership will be transformative, governments will be more accountable and there will be responsive service delivery.

And therefore we will have a peaceful, united and well-governed Kenya where dignity for all is guaranteed.

Our Guiding Values

Heshima (Respect)

Mutual respect and Dignity. Ni Sisi! encourages mutual respect for all regardless of social, cultural, political or economic status.


Inclusion and ethnic harmony Ni Sisi! believes that our diversity is what glues us together as a nation. Diversity recognises inclusivity and harmony among all Kenyans.

Ni Sisi! (Self Belief)

Ni Sisi!’s rallying call is that Kenyan problems require Kenyan solutions and together we Kenyans must rise up to take charge of our destiny (Ni Sisi!).


Ni Sisi! believes in the utu philosophy of “I am because you are” – that an individual’s humanity is inextricably linked to the humanity of others, and that recognizing and respecting all people is essential for creating a just society.

Our Approaches

Empowerment of Kenyans

Access to information, freedom of expression and taking initiative for their socio-economic welfare (knowledge generation, management and sharing)

Demand for good governance

As a means to achieve socio-economic growth and equality of opportunity for all Kenyans.

Agitate for a collective identity

A common human struggle for dignity based on the principles of Utu: our shared humanity-based common aspirations for dignity in livelihoods that is affirmed by the implicit understanding that life is given meaning by the community.

Build a critical mass

Unifying/building a critical mass of like-minded people/groups working towards a better Kenya under the Inuka ‘Ni Sisi!’ umbrella. Ni Sisi!’ – encourages Heshima, peaceful coexistence and prosperity and urges us to take charge of the public space currently dominated by the political class and transform it into lasting change created by and for Kenyans.

Capacity building of youth, women and marginalised populations and communities

To ensure they have the civic competence to enable them to advocate for their welfare.

Curating wellness initiatives for civic catalysts

Create processes, spaces and places that provide respite for civic catalysts.