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Re-Advertised: Pre-qualification of Suppliers for Goods and Services for the Year  2024/2027
April 4, 2024
Invitation for the Pre-qualification of Suppliers for Goods and Services for the Year  2024/2027

Applications for prequalification are invited from interested and eligible bidders for the supply of goods and services in the under-listed categories.

1.  IKNSL/001/24/27 Provision of Travel Agency Services including Air Tickets; Must be registered  by IATA
2.  IKNSL/002/24/27 Provision of Transport Services (Taxi services, Car Hire, Vans, 4*4)
3.  IKNSL/003/24/27 Provision of hospitality services (Hotel accommodation and Conference facilities within the Counties).
4.  IKNSL/004/24/27 Provision of Computer Maintenance and Local Area Network  Maintenance.
5.  IKNSL/005/24/27 Provision of Internet Services (ISP).
6.  IKNSL/006/24/27 Provision of General Printing and Publishing Services.
7.  IKNSL/007/24/27 Provision of Fumigation, Pest control Services and Sanitary Disposal Services
8.  IKNSL/008/24/27 Provision of WIBA Policy Cover
9.  IKNSL/009/24/27 Provision of Staff Medical Health Cover
10.  IKNSL/010/24/27 Provision of General Insurance Services.
11.  IKNSL/011/24/27 Provision of Courier Services.
13. IKNSL/013/24/27 Provision for Research Services
14. IKNSL/014/24/27 Provision for Meeting Facilitation and Rapporteur Services
15. IKNSL/015/24/27 Provision for Outside Catering Services
16. IKNSL/016/24/27 Provision for Language Translation Services
17. IKNSL/017/24/27 Provision for Signal and Braille Language Services
18. IKNSL/018/24/27 Provision of Office Design, Fabrication, Repair and Maintenance.
19. IKNSL/019/24/27 Provision of Audit Services, e.g annual organizational and project audits
20. IKNSL/020/24/27 Provision of Company Secretarial Services
21. IKNSL/021/24/27 Provision for Audio-Visual Documentation and Live Streaming Services.
22. IKNSL/022/24/27 Provision of  Fire Extinguishing services
23. IKNSL/023/24/27 Provision of Events Management and Related Services
24. IKNSL/024/24/27 Provision of Counseling services
25.  IKNSL/025/24/27 Provision of Pension Scheme Services



26.  IKNSL/026/24/27 Supply of Computer Hardware, Software, Printers, Smart Phones, Toners, PAS and Cameras
27.  IKNSL/027/24/27 Supply of General Office Stationery and Consumables.
28.  IKNSL/028/24/27 Supply of Bottled Drinking Water.
29. IKNSL/029/24/27 Supply of Office Furniture.


The prequalification documents can be obtained from our office premises at Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Ltd, Wood Avenue, Off Wood Avenue Opposite K-REP Centre or requested through the email address: procurement@inukakenya.com during normal working hours (upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh 2,000 per category)  Duly completed documents in plain sealed envelopes for each category marked with the prequalification number should be addressed to the undersigned and dropped at the Inuka Kenya Ni SiSi!Ltd Offices on or before Friday 5th July 2024 at 5:00 pm.

The Chief Executive Officer
Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Ltd
Wood Avenue, Off Wood Avenue Opposite K Rep Centre, 2nd Gate on the Right
Postal Address: P. O Box 104269-00101, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 20 2502469 / 0717 786688
Email: procurement@inukakenya.com

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