Building a platform for a new crop of young and visionary leaders in Kenya

Uongozi was a TV reality show shot and aired in 2013. The show sought to give a platform to a new crop of young and visionary leaders in Kenya. Uongozi meaning leadership was the name chosen for the campaign because it needed to attract the audience targeted for the messaging in all 16 episodes. In this case, the audience was Kenyan voters. The campaign showed Kenyans that leaders could be chosen from any realm if they portray the potential to lead and serve.

The main intention of the campaign was to forestall a repeat of 2007 election-related violence in 2013. Therefore, it was critical to contest that public space and infuse it with alternate messaging to create a prevailing national “mood” — intolerant to the divisive ethnic dogma and instead support a healthy democratic discourse on leadership.

The show sought to:

  • Drive Kenyans to consider the essential qualities and values of democratic leadership;
  • Inspire Kenyans to find the right leaders by sensitizing the public on the qualities of a good leader;
  • Engage in the democratic process;
  • Encourage meaningful debate on the process of elective decisions;
  • Underline the rights and obligations of voters and
  • Demystify the new electoral process under Kenya’s 2010 Constitution.

Discussions were geared towards making Kenyans realize the Ni Sisi! belief that, It is Us! and up to us, the Kenyan people, to address the nation’s problems. To communicate to other citizens that elections provide wananchi (citizen) the opportunity to do so by carefully considering candidates, vying for office, and voting for competent leaders who campaign on issues that truly have a positive impact on the lives of Kenyans.

In the final episode of the Uongozi show Adan Mohamed from Mandera County was crowned the winner. The prize package included the winner travelling to six destination countries, 1.2 million Kenyan Shillings and a three million Shilling project of their choice in their community.

Adan travelled to Tanzania, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, London, Switzerland and the United States of America. The visits included meeting leaders of different sectors to learn about leadership, technology and culture.

Adan chose to dig a borehole in his home town of Elwak, Mandera County. Inuka Kenya did research on organizations that work in Mandera County that have experience in borehole drilling and found Northern Aid. The borehole has been drilled by Ni Sisi! in partnership with Northern Aid and the County Government of Mandera and is anticipated to be commissioned in 2015.

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