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Launch of the Report on Recasting Advocacy: CSO Resilience and Civic Space Dynamics in East Africa
June 4, 2024
Press statement.

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Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Ltd is proud to announce the upcoming launch of an in-depth report titled Recasting Advocacy on June 5, 2024, from 10:00 AM. This comprehensive report will be unveiled during an online event, bringing together stakeholders/partners, policymakers, civil society organizations, and the general public. Offering crucial insights and actionable recommendations, the report aims to assist civil society organizations in overcoming challenges and advancing their critical missions.

As the civic space continues to face challenges across the region, this report offers a timely analysis of the current landscape, highlighting key trends, threats, and opportunities for civil society. The study underscores the importance of a resilient civil society in fostering democratic governance, human rights, and social justice.

Key features of the report:

  • Detailed analysis of the state of civic space in East Africa, including country-specific insights.
  • Identification of major challenges faced by civil society organizations.
  • Best practices and strategies for advocating and safeguarding civic space.
  • Policy recommendations for governments and international stakeholders.
  • Success stories and case studies of resilient civil society initiatives.

Launch event details:

The launch event will feature a panel of esteemed speakers, including report authors, regional experts, and civil society leaders.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage during the plenary session and discuss actionable steps for supporting civil society in East Africa.

Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi! Ltd is dedicated to promoting democratic values, human rights, and social justice in East Africa. Through research, advocacy, and capacity-building initiatives, we aim to empower civil society organizations and enhance their impact on governance and development.

CEO Inuka Kenya Ni Sisi!Ltd
Ann Nyabera

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Joan Achieng